The Final Chapter of One Piece Revealed - How Luffy's Straw Hat Army DESTROYS The World Government.

One Piece Manga has released One Piece Chapter 1054 which reveals that Sabo is alive and has killed Nefertari Cobra, the king of the Alabasta Kingdom. After invading the Holy land of Mary Geoise, Sabo succeeded in rescuing Bartholomew Kuma which was their main objective. However During this attack, Sabo was said to have killed The King of the Alabasta Kingdom. But how much of this is true? We know that the World Government likes to Hide the actual truth. We go over every possibility that could have been hidden from the world. Let's be honest, We all Know Sabo Didn't actually killed Nefertari Cobra. Dispute all of this, the world of One Piece now views Sabo as the "Emperor of Flames". By the end of One Piece, Sabo will most likely be one of the Leaders that will form the New World Government as strong leadership will be necessary to keep the world together and in peace.
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