The No Jumper Show Ep. 187

The boys are back with plenty of things to say about the latest disses, new ways of podcasting, debate on the latest headlines, and more!

00:00 Intro
1:00 - TRell on feedback over his Sledgelords appearance
4:33 - Adam ask TRell what’s the difference between the American Flag vs The Hoover Flag, J Edgar Hoovers relation to the Hoover gang
6:34 - Scott Adam, creator of Dilbert goes on r*cist tyrant, Dilbert gets pulled from most newspaper publications
24:05 - TRell on asking white people he’s around if they ever said some r√cist sh*t
25:16 - AD Ask Adam how he would feel if 18yrs from now Parker brought home a black guy, Adam says he’d ask him “what set you claim”
29:27 - TRell realizes his kids are growing up white around white kids, and wonders if they need to be more cultured
32:13 - Guys connect the dots that Scott Adam’s’ wife recently left him
32:56 - Instagram engagements are out of wack, TRell talks Heather and the business being shadow banned
35:00 - Lush ranks the diss tracks, puts Suspect last for not even dissing him, says when Suspect is 34 and still screaming “On the gang” it’s not going to work
37:53 - Adam says ADs verse was fire but it made him think AD was 45, The harder you rap the older you seem
39:13 - Lush ranks rest of diss tracks, Says AD had best track, Trevor’s was the most entertaining
39:38 - TRell La Croixs himself, spills drink all over couch, Eyekon video dropped on NJ channel
41:38 - AD calls Lush out for dissing Keekee on his song
42:22 - Adam has been thinking about dropping his diss track soon, Lush gets credit for starting rap era
44:06 - Adam talks about doing NJ Cyphers similar to OntheRadar cyphers done in NY, talks about the rappers not dissing ops on freestyles
48:00 - Figgmunity Show Live at the El Rey, AD says it’s inevitable that TRell will sign to a platform or network
54:18 - AD speaks on deal with Caffeine not negatively affecting his viewership, seeing creators get big deals
59:12 - Adam says he’s never used Alexa or Siri
1:00:19 - TRell breaks down Smac starts throwing money on Mack Wop’s Wopulation stream, gets punched over it
1:02:43 - Adam gives golden advice to pay attention to how the incentives of content are changing you and the people around you
1:03:37 - AD speaks on being disgusted at how so many people are letting the camera bring out the worst in them
1:07:57 - TRell talks about people viewing him as broke and needing a Job when he first came to NJ, says tables have turned
1:10:53 - Guys react and give opinions on Joe Budden saying he likes seeing podcast start up and fail
1:16:06 - Adam speaks on taking advances for your content, not understanding why people do it
1:18:36 - Adam reacts to Latto calling him a b**** for a post about fan not knowing who she was on Omegle
1:24:18 - Adam calls out Lush for starting side convo and being late, TRell spazzed on Lush for being late this morning
1:28:01 - Lush still claims to have the best pen in the world
1:29:31 - Guys clown Lush for saying he’s such a great inspirer of other people, TRell says Lush was trash 10 yrs ago too
1:38:04 - Adam says him and Lena suffered from dry skin growing up and their parents never offered them lotion
1:39:31 - Adam says he’s thought about going to skidrow and giving out hand jobs
1:40:20 - AD takes advantage of Adam’s bathroom breaks, asks Lush how he feels about the Adam tripping on him all the time now
1:40:35 - AD & TRell laugh at Lush on Aceboyz worldwide looking a bit uncomfortable, Lush responds
1:41:20 - Lush tries to say he’s not Housephone’s replacement, AD says he is Housephone’s replacement, AD admits to being ****** replacement
1:42:38 - Adam speaks on Housephone being removed from the show in an unceremoniously way
1:43:30 - Guys talk about TRell being added to No Jumper show, being a bigger part of the channel, Adam hating on him at first
1:44:10 - Guys clown Lush for wanting to be on every show for a while, Lush denies he was asking to be on all the shows
1:45:37 - Adam talks about having new host he plans to introduce on the platform
1:46:38 - Adam on Long Beach Griffy show, his introduction to the platform not going as well as it could
1:47:58 - Lush admits he over saturated the pod appearances, AD is now known as Harvey Dent
1:49:15 - The Last of Us show review, Spoiler alert, Adam gives premise of show, guys talk about g** scene
1:59:12 - Adam talks about series about JK Rowling’s life, talks about why kids got hooked on Harry Potter
2:03:42 - Guys remember Thursday nights on Smackdown
2:07:58 - TRell let’s Lush know no one cares about his diss tracks anymore, AD calls out Lush for saying one thing in front of him and another thing behind his back
2:10:37 - Guys laugh about Lush having a a** whooping pending from Big Scee
2:16:10 - Adam talks about getting interview request for women who may or may not have smashes Mr.Beast
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