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Welcome to Morphle Dinosaurs! Here, Morphle will morph into different types of dinosaurs, dragons and lots of other animals, too!

Mila and Morphle work together to help others and protect their City from the misbehaving Bandits and mischievous Orphle. Through courage, imagination and most of all, teamwork, they are able to solve any problem and save the day.

Loved by kids aged 3 to 6, and available in 12 languages, “My Magic Pet Morphle” teaches fundamental, fun lessons about friendship, problem-solving and creativity.

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Morphle Dinosaurs | Cars, Trucks and Vehicle Episodes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxA_e-P5xG8dHeO7wUTlArZ0B6riwJ68Z

Morphle Dinosaurs | All Videos playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxA_e-P5xG8fRLcFnaBu3rXPWbKXK5bz7

00:00 Intro
00:08 The Orphle Bandits
03:23 Magic House
06:26 Animal Hypno Mixup
09:36 Frozen Morphle
12:46 Morphle & Orphle Epic Tag
15:47 Morphle and Orphles Magical Sleigh Race
19:32 Morphing Family
22:46 Robots Vs Dinosaurs
26:27 Morphing Mila
29:29 Dino Army
34:47 The Dino Egg
41:19 Double Dragon
46:27 Morphle Family III
50:36 My Toy Dinosaurs
57:39 The Ugly Dino Duckling
1:01:20 Easter 4: Painting Dinosaur Eggs
1:05:22 Scared of the Big Seamonster
1:09:16 Orphle and the Dinosaurs
1:13:36 Time Travel Trouble
1:19:44 Dino At The Dog Race
1:24:11 The Dinosaur Race
1:28:05 The Dinosaur Park
1:32:09 Revisiting The Toy Dinosaurs
1:33:58 Dinosaurs & the Magic Time Machine
1:39:14 Halloween 4: Monster
1:43:10 Playing Baseball
1:47:04 Mila In Jail
1:50:55 Morphle And The Missing Animals

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