The Puddles

Jumping in the puddles is fun. And at the same time Cuquin and his friends, Tomato and Ghost are learning that it is more fun if you do it together! Join them in this collection and start learning new things with Cuquin!

Cuquin is a naughty boy with an infinite curiosity that often leads him to get into a little trouble. Cuquin is a 3D animated cartoon with which the youngest members of the family can learn and laugh. The protagonist of the cartoon series "Cleo and Cuquin" is a tireless, unpredictable, clever, agile and very playful baby. He is a small battery full of infinite energy. He still doesn't walk and barely speaks, he still babbles in his own language: a mixture of baby talk and nursery rhymes, but that's not going to stop him from getting everything he wants!

Cuquin is never bored because he can turn anything into a fun game or toy. In this channel you can learn letters, colors, shapes and much more! Sing and dance to the Telerin Family's nursery rhymes. Now you can enjoy the best educational and music videos for the whole family.

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