The Sanji You KNEW is DEAD! Sanji's NEW POWER & 'Evil' Form Explained One Piece

One Piece 1031 One Piece - One Piece Manga chapter 1031 reveals Sanji Awakens his lineage factor modification Powers. Now Having powers as though Sanji has a Devil Fruit, Sanji loses his sense and attacks a woman! Something which we never thought Sanji would do. Sanji has fully transformed, awakening his power. Sanji EYEBROWS has CHANGED! Sanji questions if he should become a strong mindless soildier for Luffy sake to become Pirate King or be the weak Sanji who can't ever fight women. Sanji decides the later and Sanji Destroys his Germa Suit!

Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D Law unlock their awakening and Defeat the Yonko BIG MOM! Luffy Devil Fruit Awakening is foreshadowed with this reveal! We explain everything you need to know about awakened Devil Fruit! Kinemon is also revealed to be alive!

Luffy's vs Kaido with now being able to use his Conquerors Haki with every attack, Luffy is Pirate King level! Luffy is Yonko and Emperor. With the 5 elders & Imu Sama’s order, CP0, Rob Lucci, and World Government has sent marines to capture Wano under their authority, Sanji Awakens his lineage factor modification Powers.

Luffy Unlocking a New Haki Level similar to Gol D. Roger, Red-Haired Shanks, Whitebeard, Kaido & Big Mom proves he is on emperor level. Luffy is Joy Boy confirmed? Momonosuke Adult Dragon Form is STRONG. Kings Lunaria Race explained, I The Pink Dragon join the fray. Luffy is one step closer to becoming Pirate King, Momo is finally going to reclaim his title Shogun of Wano. CP0 Will Make Sea Stone bullets and find a way to destroy Poneglyph. Zoro’s family and father are revealed with Zoro's Father being Ushimaru Shimotsuki. Yamato vs Kaido continues, not long before Monkey D. Luffy and Momonosuke Kozuki. Yamato Will Join the Straw hats, Momonosuke will lift Onigashima and become the true shogun of Want.

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Content List
00:00 One Piece Chapter 1031
01:25 Sanji Devil Fruit Powers Explained
05:15 Big Mom Theory
08:55 Yamato, Numbers, x Drake & Appoo Team
10:30 CP0 Vs Robin and Brook
12:00 Sanji Becomes a Villain
14:30 Sanji's Resolve, Sanji DESTROYS RAID SUIT

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