The Sun's Tear | An Animated Jungle Book Film

The Sun's Tear is an independent animated film based on Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book'. Sanaya, a human girl adopted by wolves, struggles to overcome her past defeat at the hands of the infamous tiger Shere Khan. In her desperation, she turns to an unlikely ally.

Directed by KaaVFX and written by Emikano

Starring the talented Emmy Northernstar

Featuring the incredible character art of:

Special Thanks to Executive Producer Anthony Salazar

Director's Note:
It has long been a dream of mine to create, in some form, a long-form film for our "community". In 2019, Emikano and I conceived of the idea to create our own adaption of the classic Jungle Book story, and finally in 2022 we have achieved this goal. Any independent project has limitations and challenges. "The Sun's Tear" may not be as fluidly animated as the 1967 Jungle Book, nor as high budget as the 2016 remake, but I believe it has earned a place beside these films simply through the passion and hard work shown by the team that made it. Many people stepped up big time to create something that I feel we should all be very proud of.
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