The Three Armies | Amphibia | Disney Channel Animation

In order to beat King Andrias and his robot army, Toads, Newts, and Frogs must all work together! Easier said than done. Anne has the perfect solution: Team Build Exercises!

Watch Amphibia on Disney Channel! And check out more Amphibia videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiv1IUQDVSNI2cvxZpn5c6w5m443LNnnR

Anne and the Plantars leave the comforts of Los Angeles and travel back to Amphibia. However, they find that this new Amphibia is very different from the Amphibia they knew and loved. Anne and the planters team up with Sasha and Grime to lead a team of Rebellion Frogs to fight against King Andrias and save Marcy.

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