The Toybox animation // The Stupendium song!

Playtime co is really glad you decide to click this video! This couldn’t realice because it was a lot of work for our toys company, but thanks to all the support that people is giving to our channel this days has made me work harder on this one and on next projects already on process, playtime co and I are really happy with you guys!

Well I wasn’t going to do another poppy playtime song after doing “give me a hug” from Chewiecatt at the beginning of this year, but… I couldn’t resist this song, is awesome!! Stupes just went mad on this last one! On the video, on the song, on the visual effects, on the toy dress… ALL!! And of course I know I can’t “overcame that” (which most of the people tell me) but the truth is that I’m not trying to “overcame” his videos! Of course not! I’m just trying to overcame myself, improving every video and technique and although the improvement is slow, I remember that my first video was a bunch of lines trying to find their way on the video… yep… so I guess that I have improve! :/ and of course I’m not trying to overcame stupes, if he is my inspiration, my idol… Do you understand?
Anyways you have the original stupes video and his channel down below this texts.

I have to thank you some people that help and appeared on this animation!
Maybe you haven’t notice about it, but in the background there’s a poster from stupes toy as in the game ones. Well that’s not a poster drawn by me. It is drawn by @Jolin cant draw !! That he allow me to put that poster over here on this animation, I leave her channel down below!! Take a look his YouTube videos and all his drawings from tweeter (same name in tweeter)
Also thanks to @The Stupendium as I always say for giving me the permission to animate his poppy playtime song!
Also thanks to @8 Bit Paradise which I took the cover he made with 8 bits of this stupes song (appeared at the end of this animation in the last seconds of the video) take a look also to that! Which is really cool!!
And finally thanks to all the subscribers (old and new) that have been subscribing sharing liking and commenting in my videos, this last days I’ve been having a lot of support from all of you!! I’m really happy :D we have even reach the 400 subscribers!! This is crazy guys, thank you so much!!

But yeah! All of this was really fun and hard to do, the movements from the head and the arms ones were hard, but I tried to do new things as using the same background but with different perspectives, using different calligraphy for the video and making a more humanistic character for the video, which that wasn’t really good because I figured out that practicing anatomy on a video like this was weird, so until I got the character that you see on the video, there has been more than 20 different sketches that I didn’t like at all.

In conclusion this was a big project and I hope you like it, so yeah! If you like this video please click that button that all the kids are pressing, the subscribe button!! Like with that funny thumb and comment something about all this comercial toy!! We always read them! And if you really like it! Why don’t you share it? Come on!! What time is it? It’s playtime!!

Stupendium channel: https://youtube.com/c/TheStupendium

Original Stupendium song: https://youtu.be/M3IGrj7g0fA

Jolin cant draw Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCPJiPhLdx_rvcrtdF0Krd6Q

Jolin cant draw tweeter: https://twitter.com/JolinDraw?s=20&t=aHTRvLG7eZ9OTi6BAlCOjA

8bits paradise channel: https://youtube.com/c/8BitParadise


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