The ULTIMATE WARDEN of the Prison! TDS Animation, Tower Defense Simulator (4K, Moon Animator) Roblox

(4K Ultra HD Video) There's a new Warden for the prison! Today, the prisoners attempt to escape. Will they succeed?

Question of the Video: Would you rather have Burgers or Hot Dogs from Warden's BBQ? Let me know in the comments!

Warden tower can be achieved by beating Pizza Party

Enemies that we might use in the future: Grave Digger, Molten Boss, Fallen King, Fallen Swordmaster, Void Reaver, Swordmaster, Raider Boss, Jack O' Bot, Krampus, Ducky D00M, Lord Sinister, Frost Spirit, Fey Yoshida, Jaxe, Swamp Monster, Penumbras, The Umbra, Ducky D00M, P3NGU, Developer 1, Developer 2, Developer 3, The Creator, Nuclear Fallen King, Golden Titan, Mechanical Rot, Awakened Fallen King, Abyss, Nuclear Monster & Warden.

Towers that we might use in the future videos: Scout, Sniper, Demoman, Paintballer, Soldier, Freezer, Hunter, Ace Pilot, Pyromancer, Militant, Shotgunner, Military Base, Rocketeer, Electroshocker, Commander, DJ Booth, Minigunner, Ranger, Crook Boss, Turret, Mortar, Pursuit, Cowboy, Commando, Slasher, Frost Blaster, Swarmer, Toxic Gunner, Sledger, Executioner, Gladiator, Engineer, Mecha Base, Archer, Warden & Accelerator.

You can give us suggestions on what Enemies or Towers we should use next time in our Discord Server.

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