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Celebrate Christmas as a family with this animated kids music video that tells the story of the very first Christmas!

If you’ve heard it once or you’ve heard it, like, a million gazillion times--whenever you think about it, it will blow your mind!

Read this story in your Bible:
Luke 2


A long, long time ago
In a place called Nazareth
An angel came to a special girl
And said, “Hey Mary, get this!”
You’re gonna have a baby boy
And you’re gonna name Him Jesus
He’s gonna be the Savior
Of the world
Pretty neat, huh?
Pretty neat, huh? Pretty neat!

And she was all like
Whoa! That just blew my mind
Can you tell it to me one more time?
Count me in
Yeah, that sounds amazing
Hey! Did you just say
The Son of God is on his way
And He’s coming as a little baby?
Yep! That’s right
Whoa! That just blew my mind

Now this is Joseph
He’s Mary’s dude
The angel came and
Talked to him too
Saying, “Hit the road,
You gotta pack up and go
To Beth-le-hem”
So they saddled up their donkey, but
When they got to Bethlehem
There was no place to stay
Yeah, there was no room at the inn

And they were like
Whoa! That just blows my mind
Mary stopped and said, “It's time!”
She gave birth to Jesus
And laid Him in a manger of
Hay—like, literal hay
Was everywhere
All in their face
But it was perfect
Yeah, the Savior had come

And just when you thought
It couldn’t get any better
Some angels appeared
To nearby shepherds
They filled the sky
All singing together
“Peace on earth!”

And all the shepherds were like
Whoa! That just blew my mind
Let’s go see with our own eyes
The baby Jesus
Let’s spread the Good News
Then guess what
Eight days later
Anna and Simeon met their Savior
At the temple God’s promise
Had finally come true

That’s all that happened, right?
Uhhh …

No! Then three wisemen came
Traveling from far away
Following a brightly shining
Star in the sky
Plus! They brought fancy gifts
Like gold and myrrh
And frankincense
But honestly some diapers
Would’ve been just fine

So that’s the story
Of the very first Christmas
And just like everything it’s all about
It’s all about Jesus
If you’ve heard it once
Or you’ve heard it like
A million gazillion times
Whenever you think about it
It will blow your mind like

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