The Voice Of Naruto Was Almost A Real Life Spy?! | Episode 4

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Today on I Hear Voices, Will Friedle and Christy Carlson Romano sit down with Maile Flanagan AKA Naruto Uzumaki AKA Piggley Winks AKA Principal Perry. Maile has been voicing one of the most popular anime characters for 17 years, which means she has voiced Naruto in ​​720 episodes, 46 video games, 6 movies!

Maile shares her thoughts on why the fandom around anime is exponentially growing. She also details her journey into acting and voice acting. SPOILER ALERT: she originally planned to be a spy, just like her father.

Her unique childhood and curious nature have guided her to hone in on specific skills, like listening to the voices around her. Real-life interaction has been the source of her inspiration, and boy, is she talented.

Will and Christy had so much fun with Maile as they deep dive into Law & Order SUV nerdom, Con experiences, and more. PLUS Maile voices two original characters that blew our minds!

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