Therefore I Am | Funky Town SMP Animation

HI ALL, long time no see! I'm sorry I was inactive for so long (again), this one just took an extremely long time to make (6 months approximately). Anyways, you might be a little confused about the contents of this video, and no I'm not going to provide much context. But in short--

Funky Town is a survival multiplayer Minecraft server (SMP) that me and my close friends play on in our spare time. There's politics, there's drama, there's soup, and there's trauma! It's a good time! If you enjoy Dream SMP lore or anything similar this will be right up your alley, it's similar in concept just with more girlbossing and gays (our friend group is predominantly LGBTQ+). I'm not going to elaborate on the plot much (FOR NOW) simply because I'd love to hear what people think out of context, BUT just know that the hboatff animation meme video has L O R E now. Those three sure were good friends huh, I wonder what happened to them....
(Also just to clarify all of the events of this animation and SMP are strictly rp fiction-- don't worry none of us are actually fighting each other or anything LMAO)
Anyways, I really hope you all enjoy this one! This is the hardest I've worked on any animation EVER (6 months to be exact), so if you end up enjoying this or feeling intrigued by the story, please, please do share it around! It's the best way to support my work and it really helps out a ton.
Love you guys, thank you for the continued support! And I hope you enjoy the final product :)
Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Shadow Remix) by Songs Mysterious
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