There's Something About Knuckles (Part 2)

Knuckles the Echidna is struggling with the pressure of being the guy, the hero, the Sonic the Hedgehog replacement. He’s treating his friends like rubbish, because he’s scared. When it’s no longer Sonic AND Knuckles, and just Knux by himself… well, it becomes Sonic vs Knuckles… at least in the dreadlocked tough guy’s head.

At least Tails is here to try and give The Red Dude a bit of a pep talk. After all, what are friends for? And that pep talk is necessary, because there’s a massive Sonic boom coming in the form of a ginormous kaiju. So, unless Mr. Guardian can become Super Knuckles, and eliminate the Sonic prime threat, this civilisation is done for. There’s Something About Knuckles… and that something better be courage.

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written by Jason Dewey and Ben Michael

Pre-production by
Wonchop (http://youtube.com/WonchopAnimation),
Liam McKeown

Rough Animation by
Liam McKeown,
Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz (https://twitter.com/LDranzer1),
Mitzu (https://twitter.com/KukoMitzu)

Clean Up by
Jenny Polden (https://twitter.com/ZannyHyper),
Liam McKeown,
Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz

Colour by
Ryan "Rizatch" Hammond (https://twitter.com/Rizatch),
Liam McKeown
Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz,
Jenny Polden

Backgrounds by
Baubalti (https://twitter.com/baubalti),

Voice of Knuckles by RicanFly
Voice of Tails by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Original Music composed by Alex Walker Smith
Edit, Sound Design and Additional Music Composed by Jason Alan Dewey


There's Something About Knuckles

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