They are Going To KILL Sasuke...10 CHARACTERS WHO WILL DIE IN BORUTO’S TIME SKIP @Naruto Explained

Boruto's time-skip showcases Boruto vs Kawaki in which Konoha has been destroyed, Boruto Manga Chapter 64 gave more evidence recently for our in-depth theory regarding Amado being the final villain via Otsutsuki connections. In this video, we talk about 10 possible characters that can die in the future of Boruto.

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00:00 Why and Who Will Die In Boruto's Time Skip?
02:15 Sponsor
03:46 Sasuke
12:33 Konohamaru
17:17 Naruto
21:04 Himawari
23:35 Hinata
28:56 Kakashi
31:33 Mitsuki
35:09 Ino
36:28 Code
40:18 Shikamaru

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