Things Only Adults Notice About Cartoon Villains

Cartoons can be a big part of growing up. There was often no better way to spend a Saturday morning than in front of the TV, watching our favorite animated shows or Disney movies. Many of the cartoons from our childhood continue to be entertaining well into our adult years, for a variety of reasons — there’s a lot of humor that goes over kids’ heads.

While cartoon villains have always been exaggerated caricatures of real life, sometimes there’s more to their animated wickedness than just what’s on the surface. And watching them as adults makes you realize that cartoon villainy can get real dark. These are some of the things only adults notice about cartoon villains.

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Satan fights the Powerpuff Girls | 0:00
Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the best parent | 1:03
Judge Frollo is a creeper | 2:02
The tragedy of Sid from Toy Story | 2:52
Tamatoa was based on David Bowie | 3:56
Ursula was based on a drag queen | 4:57
The Lion King's Nazi imagery | 5:35
Wall-E was inspired by Stanley Kubrick | 6:24
The War of the Worlds in Chicken Little | 7:18
The real villain of Tom and Jerry | 8:03
Roxy Rocket had a weird fixation | 9:06
The despicable entrance in Despicable Me | 10:04
The Evil Queen has NPD | 10:51

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