THOMAS-THE TRAIN Horror Animation in Hindi | Thomas.Exe explained in Hindi | Scary Rupak |

Victoria happened to walk through the road when her eyes fell on the closed amusement park of her town. While young, Victoria used to visit the park on a regular basis as she was too excited for Thomas the Train.
Victoria grew up watching the cartoon show, "Thomas And His Friends" and was a huge fan of Thomas since childhood. She never had any idea of how terrible her fairy cartoon character could become!
The amusement park was shut down when Thomas went inside the Tunnel with a few kids and never returned back. Later on, the tunnel was found EMPTY! it was a very horrifying incident that the town has witnessed.
Victoria went inside the tunnel just to not get wet in the rain. Inside the tunnel, she realised a presence of someone else. Quickly, she discovered the presence to be none other than Thomas. At first, Victoria was happy to see Thomas back again. But soon Thomas showed her what has he become. Thomas is now Thomas.Exe a terrible monster train who happily feeds on human.
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