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Series for pre-school children. Little Bo visits her uncle Roly Mo in Fimble Valley every day and there's always something exciting to do, especially when Yugo and Migo are close at hand.

Welcome to The Fimbles & Roly Mo Show official YouTube channel.

The Fimbles are three colourful characters Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom, who live the the bright, colourful and magical place called Fimble Valley.

The show follows The Fimbles on their magical lives and adventures, exploring Fimble Valley.

The Roly Mo Show is a spin-off series for children from The FImbles. Little Bo visits uncle Roly Mo in Fimble Valley in which there is always something exciting to do during each visit.

Roly Mo is a kind, loving, happy mole with a massive passion for books and stories. Roly Mo loves to play games, do activities and educate.

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