Tina & Tony Episode 13 | Minding Manners

Minding Manners -- What’s the most important thing when it comes to a festive tea party? Things like: you shouldn't forget about words "Thank you" and "Please"? Or to stir sugar in the cup as quietly as you can? Neither one thing, nor another, it turns out!

Tina and Tony know what a real friendship is, tested by mischief and adventures!

Tina & Tony is a joint project of the Children channel, LLC and Riki Group, produced at Petersburg Animation Studio. The target audience is pre-schoolers, dreamers and inventors, whose world is full of adventures. The charming characters are so real, that little viewers easily identify themselves with them. Facing the situations and emotions which all the children experience, finding the correct behaviour model, the characters openly share their discoveries with the audience, thus helping to explore the world around them and to differentiate between good and bad.

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