Toddler Learning | Learn To Talk | Miss Sarah Sunshine

Learn to talk made easy with Miss Sarah Sunshine. Through motor skill techniques, nursery rhymes and physical activity, your toddler or baby's will enjoy having fun while learning important skills that lead to growth of the brain.

Your baby or toddler will learn to talk with one of the best preschool teachers, Miss Sarah Sunshine! Young children will reach milestones through speaking, playing, learning and moving! In this video Miss Sarah Sunshine teaches these milestones and more!

We strive to model a healthy learning environment for all young children. Miss Sarah sunshine not only helps your baby or toddler learn, she also helps parents achieve the best ways to interact and promote playful learning. It’s healthier to have a real teacher showing important milestones gestures rather than cartoons.

It's Circle Time focuses on Kindness, critical language, social and motor skills, pretend imaginary play, speech, affirmations and overall a fun interactive learning experience!

Episode includes:

Itsy bitsy spider
The alphabet
Social Words
Colors - Primary
American Sign Language (ASL)
5 little monkeys
The shape family
Counting Numbers
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