Top 10 Best Batman Animated Series That Dominated The Superhero Cartoon-Sphere For Decades – Ranked

If we have to put a finger on DC’s most iconic superhero, it has to be Batman. He is not only popular but also fairly profitable and for this reason, there have been numerous projects from films to animated shows based on the caped crusader. Many of the animated shows have tried to extract the best from the comic book lore, while the others have crafted their own original storylines. Some of these shows have been rated very highly by fans and critics alike. Others have been just about average, but they have all added volumes of stories to Batman and his crime-fighting adventures.
In this video, we have brought you glimpses of some of the finest animated shows based on Batman. Besides the shows earmarked solely for Batman, there are a couple of honorary mentions of shows that featured Batman alongside other heroes. So, sit tight as we take you on a quick ride through the various versions of the mystical Dark Knight in the animated world.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Batman: The Animated Series (1992–95)
4:24 Batman Beyond (1999-2001)
7:02 The New Batman Adventures (1997-99)
9:37 The Batman (2004-08)
12:04 Batman: The Brave and The Bold (2008-11)
14.23 The Adventures Of Batman (1968-69)
16:06 Beware The Batman (2013)
18:40 The New Adventures Of Batman (1977-78)
20:39 Honorable Mentions
21:02 Justice league
12:19 Young Justice
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