Top 10 MUST WATCH Fall Anime 2022

Top 10 MUST WATCH Fall Anime 2022
Upcoming Anime for Fall Anime Season is STACKED!
Could Anime of the Year be here?

Featured Top 10 Upcoming Fall Anime:
Bleach Thousand Year Blood War
Chainsaw man (MAPPA)
Spy x family part 2 (WIT Studio
my hero academia s6 (Bones Studio)
Mob Psycho Season 3 (Bones Studio)
Suzume no Tojimari (Shinkai Movie)
Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury
Tensura That time I got reinsured as a Slime Movie
Reincarnated as Sword (Isekai Anime)
Eminence in shadow (Isekai Anime)
SAO Progressive Movie [A1 Pictures)
To your eternity Season 2
Urusei Yatsura (Jojo Studio)

Which anime has you HYPED?

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