We’re going DEEP into the nostalgia jar today and talking about a relic of TV that no longer exists. Saturday Morning Cartoons. That ever changing lineup of toy propaganda shows that welcomed us into the weekend on network TV. Man, there was something wonderful about waking up in the morning, plopping your lazy bottom on the carpet and vegging out for a couple hours to mindless TV fun. What were our parents thinking lol.

So I’m gonna be real honest, this list is going solely off my personal memories of these shows… and mainly their theme songs… but please put your favorite Saturday morning TV shows in the comments and we can chat about why you love them.

Timestamps for you
00:00 - Intro and rundown
00:52 - Number 10
01:31 - Number 9
02:19 - Number 8
03:16 - Number 7
03:48 - Number 6
04:55 - Number 5
06:14 - Number 4
07:08 - Number 3
08:16 - Number 2
09:03 - Number 1

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"Saturday-morning cartoon" is a colloquial term for the original animated series programming that was typically scheduled on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the United States on the "Big Three" television networks. The genre's popularity had a broad peak from the mid-1960s through the mid-1990s; after that point it declined, in the face of changing cultural norms, increased competition from formats available at all times, and heavier regulations.[1] In the last two decades of the genre's existence, Saturday-morning and Sunday-morning cartoons were primarily created and aired to meet regulations on children's television programming in the United States, or E/I. Minor television networks, in addition to the non-commercial PBS in some markets, continue to air animated programming on Saturday and Sunday while partially meeting those mandates.[2][3]

In the United States, the generally accepted times for these and other children's programs to air on Saturday mornings were from 8:00 a.m. to approximately 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone. Until the late 1970s, American networks also had a schedule of children's programming on Sunday mornings, though most programs at this time were repeats of Saturday-morning shows that were already out of production.[4][5] In some markets, some shows were pre-empted in favor of syndicated or other types of local programming.[6] Saturday-morning and Sunday-morning cartoons were largely discontinued in Canada by 2002. In the United States, The CW continued to air non-E/I cartoons as late as 2014; among the "Big Three" traditional major networks, the final non-E/I cartoon to date (Kim Possible) last aired in 2006. Cable television networks have since then revived the practice of debuting their most popular animated programming on Saturday and Sunday mornings on a sporadic basis.

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