Top 10 School Anime with an Overpowered Transfer Student

Top 10 School Anime with an Overpowered Transfer Student

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This list is in no particular order and if you have any criticism for me let me know in the comments.

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Welcome to DoubleDollars, We will be posting anime top 10's which hopefully help you find an anime that you might be interested in. These top 10 animes could range from a sad slice of life that pulls on your heartstrings to hype action animes that get you out of your seat. DoubleDollars will help you find what you are looking for!

Time Stamps
00:00 - Intro
0:43 - Sk8 the Infinity
1:57 - Code Breaker
3:09 - Full Metal Panic
4:10 - Asterisk War
5:23 - Charlotte
6: 27 - Infinite Stratos
7:48 - Noblesse
9:12 - Misfit of the Demon King Academy
10:30 - Blade Dance
11: 49 - Trinity Seven

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