Top 12 Enigmatic & Dangerous Badass 80's Cartoons Female Characters Who Made Us Men – Backstories!

Are you guys excited for Ms. Marvel or what?! A Disney production featuring a brown lady as its main character seems like a normal thing these days, doesn’t it? So does the fact that Wonder Woman is amongst the most-lucrative DCEU properties in a franchise that also happens to include Superman and Batman. Society has seen a drastic shift towards equality in all aspects in the past decade or so, with many superhero characters proudly waving the LGBTQ+ flag; including the most recent version of Superman, who happens to also be bisexual! But back in the ’80s, things were very different. The glass ceiling that is proverbial today was way more literal back then, and female representation in most media was relegated to either arm candy or damsel in distress with the trope of the Final Girl only recently being introduced thanks to slasher flicks.
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