Top 3 Cartoon Animations about Black Adam. The best selection! Funny Animation

Black Adam is a supervillain and sometimes an anti-hero. Shazam's greatest adversary, formerly Captain Marvel and a good adversary for Superman. In these Animations, Black Adam gets into different Cringe situations. In the first Animation, the Joker sets up the Sick Tet-Adam. He cannot utter the word, "Shazam!" because his throat is very sore. But Lightning saves Black Adam and he sets out to take revenge on the Joker. In the second Cartoon... Black Adam and Shazam plant a garden. And that's when Black Adam shows his true nature. He steals Shazam's crops, but fate has plans of its own. And the third animation is about oil extraction. Black Adam has found oil, well he didn't say anything to his friend John Stuart Green Lantern. He, too, wanted to get his hands on the treasure. In the end, the struggle ended with no winners.
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