Transformers 1984 Cartoon Explored - Most Iconic Robo/Vehicular Warfare Animated Show Of All Time

There were quite a few toys and cartoons that came out in the 80s, but some clearly stood out more than the rest. Transformers was a Hasbro toy line and television series that debuted in 1984 and quickly became one of the top-selling toys of all time. Transformers inspired an animated film in 1986, several additional toy lines, and also a series of live-action films. The transformers were quite literally it. To many young children growing up in the 1980s, this was the ultimate toy and TV franchise. G.I. Joe was a close second, but Transformers captivated the imagination of children in a way like no other. No other toy has succeeded to captivate and astound youngsters in the same way. Transformers: The Movie, released in 1986, impacted a whole generation and caused immense heartbreak as well.
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