Trump Christmas Special! The Best Trump Christmas Political Cartoons and Cartoonists!

Christmas Trump Political Cartoons! Join Daryl Cagle as he talks to four brilliant political cartoonists Dave Whamond, Rick McKee, Pat Byrnes and Bart van Leeuwen for a fun and lively yuletide discussion, showing off and discussing our favorite Trump Christmas cartoons in episode #33 of the @caglecast -- The cartoonists talk about the holiday joy of drawing Trump!

The cartoonists share their thoughts on Trump's presidency at holiday time, with elves, presents, Scrooge, Baby Jesus and all things Trump as we warm our heart by a toasty fire. And be sure to subscribe to @caglecast so you never miss the best editorial cartoonists talking about their cartoons!

Rick McKee was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia; he draws the comic "Pluggers" and we've syndicated Rick for 20 years. Rick generated our first syndicated political cartoon that was drawn by AI, that we discussed on Caglecast number SIX.

Pat Byrnes who is best known for his cartoons in the New Yorker, he draws all kinds of gag cartoons for other magazines, he did a comic strip for years called Monkeyhouse, and he's an advertising illustrator who has won a bunch of awards.

Dave Whamond is incredibly prolific! He draw two comics, "Reality Check" and "Day by Dave." Dave is a prolific illustrator who does puzzles, greeting cards and lots of top selling children's books - he just won the Silver Reuben Award from the National Cartoonists Society for Best Advertising Cartoonist of the year , Congratulations, Dave!

Bart van Leeuwen lives and works as a freelancer in Amsterdam where he specializes in editorial illustration. He does lots of advertising work in add
does photo-realistic editorial cartoons in Photoshop for us!

Timestamp Summary
00:00:00 Introduction of the four cartoonists
00:01:20 Discussion about Bart's cartoon of Trump in jail
00:02:06 Pat's cartoon of Trump as Scrooge
00:02:34 Dave's cartoon of Trump and clean coal
00:03:49 Daryl's cartoon of Trump mistletoe
00:04:04 Rick's cartoon of Trump and Biden at the returns
00:05:09 Rick's cartoon of Santa and the coal industry
00:06:00 Rick's cartoon of Santa reading Trump's tweet
00:06:49 Rick's cartoon of Obama's legacy and Trump
00:07:34 Rick's cartoon of Trump and government shutdown
00:08:17 Rick's cartoon of Trump and Santa's lap
00:08:12 Trump's denial and blame game
00:08:26 Trump's "witch hunt" response
00:09:06 Trump's inability to count ballots
00:10:16 Trump's longing for McDonald's during COVID shutdown
00:11:02 Dutch patriotic restaurant Febo
00:12:02 New far-right Christian holiday on January 6th
00:12:48 Trump's gift of NATO funding cuts to Putin
00:13:28 Trump's isolationist policies
00:14:08 Speculation on Trump's strategic moves
00:15:51 Trump's denial of his own statements
00:15:55 Trump denying quotes attributed to him as AI-generated.
00:16:08 Concerns about Trump's ability to manipulate information using AI.
00:16:31 Reflecting on the innocence of past cartoons about Trump.
00:17:27 Trump's evolving appearance in cartoons over the years.
00:18:00 Lack of fat cat characters in cartoons today.
00:18:41 Unique and artistic approach in Angel Bolligan's cartoons.
00:19:50 Perception of Trump sending checks compared to Biden's policies.
00:21:00 Republican congressmen touting infrastructure they voted against.
00:22:22 Discussion on the "war on Christmas" and victimhood mentality.
00:23:25 Funny and satirical cartoons about Trump and Starbucks.
00:24:03 Discussion about Trump Christmas cartoons
00:24:45 Frank Hansen's "merry covfefe" cartoon
00:25:33 Discussion about the popularity of covfefe cartoons
00:26:09 Bart van Leeuwen's abstractistic style
00:27:40 Marion Kaminsky's Trump and Putin manger scene
00:28:18 Frustration with lack of Trump cartoon reprints
00:29:09 Jimmy Margulies' Trump Christmas red cup at Starbucks
00:30:33 Discussion about Trump and the coal industry
00:31:00 Discussion about repetitive nature of political cartoons
00:32:08 Kevin Siers' Charlie Brown tree cartoon
00:32:22 Discussion about Kevin Siers' Charlie Brown tree cartoon.
00:32:37 Realization that it is the last cartoon.
00:32:48 Expressing enjoyment of the podcast.
00:33:00 Comment on the effectiveness of visual metaphor and allegory.
00:33:12 Looking forward to a merry Trump Christmas.
00:33:15 Farewells and greetings exchanged.
00:33:28 Conclusion and reminder to subscribe.
00:33:30 Final goodbyes.
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