Trump Toilet! All the BEST Political Cartoons about Trump ON, IN or anyway associated with toilets!

Today our topic on @caglecast is TRUMP-TOILET, we'll look at cartoons about Trump ON a toilet, Trump IN a toilet, Trump flushing and stuffing stuff into a toilet and Trump in anywhere associated with toilets.

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We've got a Trump toilet festival of cartoons with four brilliant, award winning editorial cartoonist masters of the Trump-Toilet genre.

Pat Bagley has been the brilliant, cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune in Utah since 1979. Pat has won a ton of awards including the Herblock Prize and he's also a shining star in our profession.

Rick McKee was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia; he draws the comic "Pluggers" and we've syndicated Rick for 20 years.

Jack Ohman is the cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and before that the Sacramento Bee and the Portland Oregonian. He's won a ton of awards including a Pulitzer Prize.

Matt Davies is the cartoonist for Newsday in New York and he writes and illustrates popular children's books, Mat has also won a ton of awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and the Herblock Award.

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00:00:00 Introduction to the topic of Trump Toilet
00:00:38 Pat Bagley's cartoon about Trump flushing documents down the toilet
00:01:43 Rick McKee's cartoon of Trump using the Constitution as toilet paper
00:02:30 Jack Ohman's cartoon of Trump taking paperwork out of the toilet
00:02:58 Matt Davies' cartoon of Trump in a toilet in response to his comments about "S H 1 T hole countries"
00:04:39 Discussion on Trump's caricature and appearance
00:08:06 Evolution of the cartoonists' Trump caricatures
00:09:48 Trump cartoons depicting him being flushed in the toilet.
00:10:24 Difficulty in satirizing Trump and the resilience of his image.
00:11:14 Cartoons using metaphors like Trump as a dog, Hitler, and toilet.
00:12:18 Changing taste thresholds in political cartoons over the years.
00:13:04 Exhausting all metaphors during Trump's presidency.
00:14:03 Tracking the usage and popularity of Trump cartoons.
00:15:34 Cartoons with bodily fluids and offensive gestures.
00:16:23 Jimmy Margulies' Trump toilet water.
00:17:14 Foreign cartoonists able to do scathing cartoons about Trump.
00:17:39 More than half the world's population lives in a country where cartoonists can't draw their country's leader.
00:18:15 Cartoonists facing lawsuits.
00:20:11 Concerns about the future if Trump gets reelected.
00:20:28 Jack Ohman's onfidence that Trump won't win.
00:20:37 Nixon's paranoia about cartoons compared to Trump's lack of reaction.
00:21:38 Our audience's preferences for liberal cartoons over conservative ones.
00:22:17 Mention of a conservative cartoonist, Ben Garrison.
00:23:11 Pat Bagley's cartoon with Trump's pants up.
00:23:47 Praise for cartoonist Dale Cummings
00:24:02 Praise for cartoonist RJ Matson
00:24:05 Cartoonist Randy Enos,the longevity of cartoonists
00:24:39 Mention of cartoonist Kristo Komarnitsky from Bulgaria
00:24:53 Cartoonist Rivers and his anonymous status
00:25:37 The irony of an anonymous cartoonist mocking unnamed sources
00:26:12 Discussion about the policy of using pen names
00:26:38 Mention of cartoonist Ed Wexler's Trump the Ripper cartoon
00:27:23 Mention of cartoonist Dave Whamond's cartoon about Trump flushing texts
00:27:58 Praise for cartoonist Jack Ohman's use of color
00:28:15 Praise for cartoonist Jack Ohman's use of texture
00:29:03 Mention of cartoonist Pat Bagley's cartoon on Trump storing documents
00:29:13 Praise for cartoonist Jack Ohman's use of bright colors
00:29:27 Discussion about cartoonist Daryl Cagle's toilet cartoon
00:29:40 Discussion about cartoonist Daryl Cagle's toilet cartoon on chain gangs
00:29:55 Discussion about cartoonist Daryl Cagle's toilet cartoon and childhood memories
00:30:43 Rick McKee references a scene from "The Godfather"
00:31:13 Matt Davies explains his decision to eliminate eyes in his drawings
00:31:31 Cartoonists discuss the use of eliminating certain eyes or mouths in drawings
00:34:10 Cartoonists discuss the use of explicit imagery in cartoons
00:35:00 Pat Bagley shares a cartoon idea that was not published
00:35:59 A solid gold toilet in cartoons
00:36:26 Cartoonists discuss the use of Pearly Gates cartoons, Johnny Carson and Yahtzees
00:37:26 Conclusion and farewell from the cartoonists
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