TURKEY FEET the Cartoon!! Adley has a Doctor visit for STiCKER POX from Dr Dad! new 3D animation

A for Adley Re-imagined by Spacestation Animation!!

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EPiSODE 2 of our 3D ANIMATED CARTOON IS HERE!! And we’re so excited that we can share it with you!! Shaun, Jenny, Adley, Niko, and Navey Mcbride are excited to show you one of their original Adley Stories. It’s STiCKER POX!! When Adley wakes up to find that she's covered in stickers she springs into action and calls Nurse Mom and Dr. Dad right away! The doctor had all of his equipment ready to get rid of Adley's sticker pox, but when they tried to pull them off it hurt her too much.. so it was time for a backup plan! A SHOT! Right on the tip of her nose! After the shot her face face numb so they could peel off all the stickers without her feeling a thing! After Mom and Dad helped Adley feel better again, Adley went back to her comfy cozy bed for a nap.. but when she woke up she knew something was off again! She had TURKEY FEET! When the Doctor saw her feet he got super stressed out again, but they had to get to work! When they asked her how she caught turkey feet, Adley told them she ate a WHOLE turkey last night! Luckily, nurse mom had the cure for turkey feet.. but she needed some more shots so Adley had to be brave! Dad doctor gave Adley the shots and the turkeys fell right off her feet!! They were REAL TURKEYS! After a LONG day of Doctors Visits Adley went back to bed for some much needed rest!

As you watch this episode, keep an eye out for your Quarter Machine NFT's!

Made with:
Adobe Creative Cloud
and LOTS of love ❤️

For a sneak peak of our next episode be sure to join Shaun Mcbride and his Family on the A for Adley animation video: https://youtu.be/obtvraa8W_c
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