Universal Pictures / Dreamworks Animation (The Good Guys)

If Dreamworks were to ever make a sequel to The Bad Guys, these would be the logos. However, I do have my own version of what I think the sequel would be. Introducing my idea for a Bad Guys sequel, The Good Guys.

Characters: Mr. Moe Wolf / Lupin (a reformed good guy who heads to Tokyo to rescue his friends, protagonist), Diane Foxington (Wolf’s romantic partner with whom he is getting married to. She is called back to being The Crimson Paw for one last time, protagonist), Ms. Tarantula (a sharp-tongued expert hacker redknee tarantula also known as "Webs" or "Mata Hairy" and the only female of the gang, protagonist), Mr. Shark (a childish and sensitive master-of-disguise great white shark and the biggest member of the gang, protagonist), Mr. Piranha (a Bolivian red-bellied piranha, the short-fused, loose-cannon "muscle", and the youngest of the gang, protagonist), Agent Kitty Kat (an anthropomorphic cat who works for Interpol, protagonist), Mannfred “Fred” Mann (a human who helps Wolf and Diane with their mission, protagonist), Charlie Doyle (a teenage crook who is saved by Wolf and Diane from the Prime Minister of Japan. He steals a valuable item from the latter and is looking for a way back home to Los Angeles, protagonist), Misty Luggins (the chief of police, side character), Agent Shortfuse (a tiny dog that can easily whup enemies much bigger than her. She is Kat’s partner, protagonist), Toriyama (the Prime Minister of Japan who wants to bring dinosaurs back to life so that he can rule the world, antagonist), Mr. Snake (a sarcastic safe-cracking eastern brown snake and Mr. Wolf's second-in-command and best friend. He is kidnapped by the Prime Minister of Japan in order to get Mr. Wolf, protagonist), Koichi Zenigata (an incredibly talented, yet often bumbling police officer who is affiliated with Interpol and has made it his life's goal to capture Mr. Wolf and his cronies, protagonist)

Setting: Los Angeles, California, Interpol, Tokyo, Japan
Time: 1 year after The Bad Guys
Genre: Crime / Comedy
Medium: Animation
MPA Rating: PG (action and violence, some smoking, and rude humor)
Synopsis: When Mr. Snake is kidnapped by an old foe, Wolf and his friends heads to Tokyo to go and rescue him.

Sam Rockwell
Zazie Beetz
Jacob Tremblay
Anthony Ramos
Craig Robinson
Noah Toczko
Keke Palmer
Aubrey Plaza
Koichi Yamadera
Alex Borstein
Lee Majdoub
With Ken Watanabe
And Marc Maron

Studios: Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Animation
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