Unreal Engine 4 - Great Stone Pillar AnimSet - Control Rig Animations

A animation package made entirely in the Control Rig plugin.
Main Weapon: Stone Pillar

Movements animations:
Walk in 8 directions
Run in 8 directions
Sprint in 8 directions
Stop Run in 8 directions
Dash in 8 directions
Jump Start, Jump Loop, Jump End

Attacks Animations:
Light Attack Combo 1,2,3 and 4.
Strong Attack Combo 1 and 2(loop).
Skill 01 - WhirlWind
Skill 02

Blocking Animations and Block React

Hit React Animation

The package comes with attack sequencers, jumps, dashs, blocking and reacts. If you want to modify an animation feel free.

Assets Used on Video:

Barbarian RPG (Clothes)
Ultra Dynamic Sky
Frank 2Hand RPG (Enemy)
Gothic Knight
Horror Engine (Footsteps Sounds)
Soul Cave (Stone Pillar and Bricks)
Free Sounds of Youtube (attacks)
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