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It’s time that we need to educate and enlighten our little minds with our magnificent history. Brinytoons has produced urdu stories for kids and history cartoons for childrens knowledge, a segment known as “HISTORY CHACHU KI ZABANI ''. The purpose of this segment is to devise a path for our children to learn about our real heroes and important events from our history. Chachu will narrate the history as a story in an interactive way that they will hear with interest because urdu stories for kids are entertaining and children will also learn at the same time because Brinytoons is a knowledge kids cartoons.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is one of our gems in the history of Pakistan. He is one the pioneers of the Muslim history of the subcintinent. Sir Syed put forward his utmost effort for Muslims to understand the changing order.Brinytoons’s history cartoons for childrens , urdu stories for kids will highlight the way Sir Syed outspread the awareness of the importance of rising English language and also apprised the Muslims not to join the Congress. As our mission is to bring knowledge kids cartoons, urdu stories for kids through animation, we will also tell our children about the achievements of Sir Syed.
Sir Syed published many magazines and his significant achievements include writing Tafseer of Quran-e-Pak and establishment of Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh.
“Sir Syed was a real hero and a gem. His services and hard work will never be forgotten”.

Brinytoons strives to create knowledge kids cartoons , urdu stories for kids and continuing our mission Brinytoons has brought its first video of the segment “History Chachu ki Zabani”. We will create more history cartoons for children and urdu stories for kids.

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