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Mia, Ella and Daddy are waiting for their train. As it arrives and pulls out of the station, Mia spots lots of other vehicles to count along the way. How many different ones will they all spot?
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00:00 Bus, Cars and Trucks - Vehicle Counting Color Song
02:03 Teacher Says Song - Fun With Friends at School
04:03 Ice Cream Song
06:03 School Bus Song
07:57 Rain Rain Go Away - Playing in Puddles with Friends
09:50 I Love Reading Books - Storybook Adventures
11:38 Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Lost Lamb
13:34 This Is The Way - Bedtime Routine for Kids
15:20 Driving In My Car
17:28 Jumping On The Moon
19:30 Humpty Dumpty
21:27 This Is The Way - Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies
23:14 Happy Birthday
25:14 5 Little Ducks V2
27:11 Fairy Tale Song

Bus, Cars, Trucks too!
Count them, 1 and 2!

Blue police car (1!)
Yellow school bus (2!)

Bus, Cars, Trucks too!
Count them, 3 and 4!

Red fire truck (3!)
Purple little car (4!)

Bus, Cars, Trucks too!
Count them, 5 and 6!

Orange Truck (5!)
Pink Ice cream van!! (6! Yay)

Bus, Cars, Trucks too!
So much fun, woohoo!

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