When Surah Kafiroon was revealed? 0:00
Dua and ayat for shifa? 16:00
Did Malik and Shafi forbid visiting the Prophet? 19:00
Hadith about 70,000 to enter paradise? 19:15
How does istikhara work? 19:40
Marriage is half of faith? 21:15
Best way to observe Isra wal miraj? 23:30
Can one do ruqiya for severe constipation in the bathroom? 23:50
Reciting out loud vs in the mind? 24:19
Tawil of something qati dalail? 24:30
Advice for older people for marriage? 25:50
Is ruqya with water in the corners of the room valid? 26:10
Should someone leave dawa if their life is a mess? 27:10
Divine Hearing and Knowledge? 28:00
Does time exist in jannah? 29:10
The Nur of the Messenger? 29:25
Wudu in beginning of end of bath? 31:10
Dies without praying? 33:25
Music in a documentary? 34:45
How to increase chances you dua to be answered? 37:45
Quran with pictures in it? 38:18
Parties with music vs leaving family? 39:20
Seeking assistance through salawat? 40:30
Is Allah loving and Punishing? 43:10
Non Quranic wird? 44:35
Wisdom behind punishment? 45:05
How to choose a madhab? 46:10
After istikhara? 47:05
Is mistreatment because of sins or other person? 48:20
Wisdom behind jannah? 49:25
Bare feet in the bathroom? 51:25
Gifting good deeds to someone else? 52:10
Maliki’s praying sadl? 52:50
What is things are difficult between husband and wife during marriage? 53:25
How to memorize 99 names? 59:45
Film movie about prophet ﷺ withoit music? 1:00:45
Shortcut to become a wali? 1:01:10
Islamic view on meditation? 1:03:00
Ruqya on awra? 1:05:40
Sunnah rings? 1:07:25
Crystals? 1:07:50
The twin of istikhara? 1:08:50
Islamic understanding of emotions? 1:09:23
Toys and stuffed animals? 1:11:45
Affirmations? 1:13:20
Yoga? 1:14:40
Feel good artists? 1:16:02
Amanarasool? 1:16:50
If yoga is only done for breathing? 1:12:00
Ukraine issue? 1:17:18
Fasting Seeking marriage? 1:18:00
Do stones have healing powers? 1:19:35
Mountains have spiritual powers? 1:20:20
Addicted to coffee? 1:24:20
Time to pursue knowledge? 1:26:00
Is there a healing property to Zamzam? 1:27:40
Mug with cartoons on it? 1:28:00
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