WATER SLiDE x2 and DAD's Birthday!! Ultimate Beach Day with Family & Friends pirate island swimming

4th of July and a Best Birthday Ever!!!!!

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Best Water Slide Day Ever 1275

Happy 4th of July everybody!! We are starting the day of with our family fun tradition of going to a parade in my home town with my mom, dad, and sisters. The kiddos or super excited and can't wait to see the floats and get candy. We see motorcycle police, cheerleaders, dancers, farmers, and even Lightning McQueen from Cars, one of Niko and Adley's favorite movie (and ride at Disneyland lol). When the parade is all done, we head to the park where they are having a carnival. First things first is getting snow cones for the kiddos. This one is cool because its a do it has a do it yourself flavor station. Adley makes purple and Niko makes his blue, green, and yellow.

They also have new games we can play at the park. Adley and Niko both take turns trying to collect baby duck toys out of a small swimming pool. the more they catch, the better the prize they get. Adley got a beautiful new necklace and Niko a new super soaker for our next family water battle. Navey learns how to do it and actually catches a lot of duckies! I'm so proud.

We wrap up the fun and are going to head to pirate island for some fun with family and friends but first, Adley and i need to stop at the store to get a surprise ready. One of my really good friends Sabrina is going to the spacestation for the 4th of July. So Adley and I came up with a plan to help them have the best day ever. We are going to give them some gifts and set them up so they see them as soon as they come in. We got nerf stuff and games, slime and stuffies (Sabrina collects them so its an extra special present) and Adley and I set them all up at the Spacestation!! I hope they enjoy it.

Now to pirate island with the family, we have set up a brand new toy!! A huge water slide the goes right into the lake! Adley is our tester and she slides into the water perfectly! The whole family can't wait to try it. The perosn that likes it the most turns out to be Navey!! She can't get enough. She keeps sliding down over and over again. We take a small break from the slide to paddle board and make a quick trip out to Unicorn island. Some of our friends join us and we have a rock skipping competition.

We head back to the dock to take a little break and that's when i open Dad's Cafe. the kiddos can come order drinks, applesauce, or popsicles! All for free!! As its starts to get a little later, we play on the grass, doing a sack race with some family, playing pirates vs fairies on the boat, and Niko shows us some of his new superhero toys in a brand new water toy. Niko Bear also decides that he loves making mud and putting it all over Navey!!

It's almost time for fire works, but wait! Jenny takes over the vlog. since our last video, it was also my birthday and Jenny filmed some surprises with the kiddos that she wants everyone to see. Adley, Niko, and Jenny made me a surprise birthday breakfast, got me a few gifts, and even a silly string battle in the front yard!! She also orginized a get together at the spacestation with a giant donut cake and the crew all pitched in to get me a brand new, custom One Wheel that is all spacestation colors and logos! Best birthday ever!!

Hope you all had a fun filled Forth of July!! We sure did! So enjoy some fireworks with us and have the Best Day Ever!!

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