We Are Venom! Cartoon Cat Steals Powers from Venom! Halloween Horror! BTS

Story from the original: In this funny family friendly Nerf war, Eli, Liam, Beckett and Camden found out that Aaron and Venom united and now they want Venom to take care of Cartoon Cat. Cartoon Cat already grabbed powers from Siren Head, Light Head and House Head. Aaron knows that with the new movie Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage being release, that Carnage might come looking for Venom. Liam, Eli and Camden tried to hold off Venom with the Nerf blasters but Venom wasn't fazed. Will Venom be able to destroy Cartoon Cat, aka Venom Cat, so he can finally leave us alone? Let the games begin.

We love showing everyone how much fun we have while making these videos. Hope we shined some light on your day!

Nerf Blasters in this Video:
Nerf Roblox Pulse Laser
Nerf Roblox Adopt Me
Nerf Fortnite IR

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Which nerf war episode is your favorite?

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Happy 6 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys.

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