WE FLUSH FOX NEWS! The Best Fox News Cartoons!

FOX NEWS is a soap opera cesspool for cartoonists - with big lawsuits, sexual harassment, big egos and lots of lies. We've got four brilliant cartoonists joining us FLUSH Fox News in cartoons ...

PAT BAGLEY has been the brilliant, cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune in Utah since 1979. Pat has won a ton of awards including the Herblock Award and he's also a shining star in our profession.

STEVE BREEN is the two time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for the nonprofit news website InewSource, he drew for the San Diego Union Tribune for 22 years, and he writes and draws children's books.

DAVE WHAMOND is incredibly prolific! He draw two comics, "Reality Check" and "Day by Dave." Dave is also a prolific illustrator who does puzzles, greeting cards and lots of top selling children's books

MATT WUERKER is the Pulitzer and Herblock Prize winning cartoonist for Politico, where he also edits a great weekly roundup of editorial cartoons, and he's the President of the Cartoonist Rights Network International that does an excellent job of offering support to cartoonists who are in danger around the world for their cartoons.

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00:00:00 Introduction to the Caglecast and topic: Fox News
00:00:15 Pat Bagley's cartoon depicting the brain rot caused by right-wing media
00:01:02 Discussion on Fox News' scandals and lawsuits
00:01:25 Fox News correcting misinformation after voting machine lawsuits
00:01:30 Jesse Waters' arrogance and behavior on Fox News
00:02:06 Pat Bagley's cartoon on Fox News spreading vaccine skepticism
00:02:30 COVID-19 impact due to anti-vaccine sentiment influenced by Fox News
00:03:15 Pat Bagley's on Rupert Murdoch's influence and misinformation
00:03:59 Rupert Murdoch's impact on politics in various countries
00:05:05 Steve Breen's on Tucker Carlson's misleading coverage of the Capitol attack
00:05:46 Tucker Carlson's sudden fall from grace at Fox News
00:06:09 Steve Breen's on Rupert Murdoch and the damage caused by Fox News
00:06:44 Dave Whamond's on CNN's attempt to compete with Fox News
00:07:04 Dave Whamond's Fox News being the dumpster standard for news
00:06:52 Fox News firing hosts and trying to top Fox News
00:07:14 Drawing Tucker Carlson and Rupert Murdoch
00:07:54 Introduction of Matt Wuerker
00:08:05 Brainwashing metaphor and Foxitis
00:09:15 Flooding the zone with January 6th committee hearings
00:09:52 Tucker Carlson's and Swanson's TV dinner
00:10:32 Trump's influence on the Republican party
00:11:55 The interconnectedness of Trump and Obama
00:12:37 MAGA Industries, Gaslight Factory, and the Big Lie
00:13:15 Fast food metaphors for lies and deception
00:13:46 January 6th commission and the truth falling on deaf ears
00:14:12 Difficulty in getting poop-related cartoons published.
00:15:50 Fox News targets older viewers with fear-based commercials.
00:16:34 Caricatures from the back of people's heads are elegant.
00:17:16 Fox News cancer eating up America.
00:18:15 Fox News emitting foul odors and spewing hate.
00:19:26 Drawing MAGA supporters as stupid being seen as disrespectful.
00:20:18 Some conservative cartoonists have distanced themselves from Trump
00:21:05 Hannity and drinking each other's Kool-Aid
00:22:23 Fox News blind to January 6th events
00:23:00 Bartender offers a choice
00:23:36 Obama's tan suit vs. current news climate
00:24:23 Fox News ignores incriminating emails and lawsuits
00:24:39 Tucker, Hannity, and Murdoch prioritize lying for their audience
00:25:13 Romney's negative opinion of Republican colleagues
00:25:58 Murdoch's failed attempt to distance himself from Trump
00:26:51 Cartoonists' optimistic view of Trump's downfall
00:27:22 Hindenburg cartoon symbolizes Murdoch's failed standards
00:27:50 Fox News sexual harassment lawsuits
00:28:34 Observations about the smugness and lack of substance on Fox News
00:29:50 The appeal of strongmen leaders
00:30:08 Shift in societal appreciation for humility and self-deprecating humor
00:30:21 Fox News featuring clowns during the Occupy movement
00:30:43 Steve Sack's caricature of Trump
00:31:02 Joke about a student headed for a career at Fox News
00:31:20 Admiration for Putin on Fox News
00:31:45 America's lack of accurate and informed view of the world
00:32:12 Frustration with lack of interest in international issues among readers and editors
00:33:40 Difficulty in getting American editors to show interest in international cartoonists
00:34:00 Jokes about similarities between Canada and the United States
00:34:33 Recognition of potential pushback for criticizing America as a non-American cartoonist
00:35:00 Closing remarks and farewell
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