Stephen Sharer was visiting sister Grace Sharer and found a top secret escape room in her backyard at her new house!! In fact this top secret escape room hatch is very similar to Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre brother twins house!!

Sharers check this out! These are the blueprints for Stephen Sharer’s sister Grace Sharer’s house! Stephen did some research and it turns out an ex TOP SECRET AGENT used to live in Grace’s house! There are some SUSPICIOUS things on these blueprints. It looks like the top secret agent, Rebecca, hid tons of stuff in this house in a TOP SECRET TUNNEL. Stephen is trying to figure out where this tunnel would be and then can figure out where this Rebecca person hid! There is a top secret hole in Grace’s house somewhere! It could be something really cool or something super dangerous! Stephen and Grace are going to search the house oh ya! Sharers comment down below if you see anything suspicious in this room! They are looking for a TRAP DOOR or SECRET TUNNEL. Where would a top secret agent hide something? No Way does this go up to the attic? What is up there? Sharers comment if you see anything. Wait there is something up here! It's a swag pack!! Stephen used to give these out to everyone that got the first comment! Wow the top secret agent must have been a fan! Wait, why does Grace have two fireplaces?! There must be something hidden in between like it shows on the BLUEPRINT! What is this springy thing? It must lead to a trap door or something. Wait, this is connected to the room Stephen and Grace were just in! Something is going on between this room and the outside of Grace’s house! What is this? It’s a box with invisible ink, a laser, and a target practice for the laser! Wow does Grace have a basement she didn’t know about? That stair must be from the previous agent’s floor plan! What is this bug dirt patch? Stephen and Grace are digging it up to see if there is anything buried here. Oh my gosh Grace dug up something? It’s a stack of MONEY! Wait, why is there a helicopter circling? Maybe they set off an alarm or something? What is this? There are stairs here! There must be a TRAP DOOR over there! This is crazy Sharers! Why are there stairs underneath Grace’s house? Ok Sharers Stephen has something to tell you… this video is a PRANK! Ok the blueprints are real but Stephen pranked Grace about all the things they found in Grace’s house! If Stephen fooled you, comment down below PRANK! Sharers comment down below if you have any idea where these stairs lead to! Something is definitely going on. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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