We Found You Some Apple Juice (TDI Animation)

After a long, long week of animating, I have now finally completed my animation. It may not be the greatest animation ever, but I do certainly think it was worth all the time ever that i put into it.

the hardest part in my opinion was the lip syncing. I have animated tones in my life, but never have i animated lip syncing before, and I never wanted to because i thought it was way too difficult. I think it may need some tweaking in the future, but for now, i really like it for what it is.

For those of you wondering what i used to animate this, it was scratch... Yeah i know, not really the best tool in the world, but it really is the only animating website i know how to use properly. I may use higher upgrades within the future, but for now, i am sticking with Scratch.

Thanks so much for watching, this took a whole week to finally finish, because i have never animated something like this in my whole life. if you have any advice/feedback or you just have anything to say, don't be afraid to leave a comment. Either than that, thank you for watching, and have a great day :)

Link to go watch it on Scratch- https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/713059603/
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