Weak boy becomes invincible After possessing a god-level weapon

anime name: My Holy Weapon

Anime Recap: Chang Titan is a 20-year-old college student. His hobby is being a sinologist. While he is shopping at a bookstore near his house, he suddenly hears a gloomy voice coming from nowhere. He hurriedly takes the book and runs away. Eager with the new book in hand, he is suddenly hit by a girl, causing both of them to fall. Soon, a group of thugs comes to beat and take the girl's money. Titan recognizes the leader of the thugs as Lei Cheng, who is extremely aggressive. Titan wants to leave quietly but sees the book right next to Lei Cheng. He musters up his courage to approach Leicheng to ask for the book back. He doesn't get the book back but is beaten by Lei Cheng. Not only that, Lei Cheng insults his hobby, causing him to get angry and kick Leicheng and run away.

song: NEFFEX - Soldier
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