WEDNESDAY | Wildest Season 2 Theories That Could Be True

When Christina Ricci took the role of Wednesday Addams for the big screen she took the adorable little girl with the Marie Antonete doll complete with severed head to the dark goth girl hero that managed to steal the show even with Raul Julia devouring the scenery having the time of his life. Her portrayal has become the standard for Wednesday ever since and Tim Burton’s Wednesday series carries that legacy on with Jenna Ortega in the title role and Christina Ricci thrown in as Marilyn Thornhill for good measure. Taking a break from her tormenting the Normies with her dark deadpan and wit sharper than her particularly sharp swordwork Wednesday finds herself at her parents alma mater and using her wits to unravel a centuries in the making conspiracy. Where does she go from here? Season one of the show ended on a bit of a tease. Tyler is seen transforming into his Hyde self, frenemy Bianca still has unresolved issues with the Morning Sun cult her mom built around their siren powers of persuasion, and then there’s that mysterious text from Wednesday’s secret admirer. With a season 2 already in the works we look into some of the theories about what’s next for the dark yet strangely friendly family. Is Principal Weems really dead? How hard did Wednesday hit Marylin Thornhill with that boot? Is there an even bigger bad behind Thornhill and Crackstone? What will happen when Tyler Hydes out? We’ve collected some of the best guesses. What’s your season 2 theory? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the latest content straight to your inbox.



0:00 Intro
0:20 Morticia Becomes Principal
1:33 Principal Weems Isn’t Dead
2:39 Principal Weems is Dead But Not Gone
3:27 Marilyn Becomes Wednesday’s “Hannibal Lector”
4:24 More Goody
5:26 Enid and Wednesday Get Shipped
6:00 Wednesday Leads the Nightshades
6:54 Bianca Enlists Wednesday to Take On the Morning Suns
7:37 Thing Gets a Backstory
8:24 Grandmama Has a Story to Tell
8:55 Uncle Fester Causes Trouble

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Noah Marks
Edited by: B

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