Weird Food Rules That Aldi Follows

Aldi isn't your typical grocery store. The chain, which first popped up stateside in 1970, boasts a bizarre set of rules that many first-time shoppers might find off-putting. And, while the store's cult-like following might be well-versed in its many quirks, those unfamiliar with Aldi's weird rules might be in for a shock.

From forcing visitors to cough up a quarter to use a cart to the store's strict BYOBag policy, Aldi simply does things differently, and fans of the grocery chain wouldn't have it any other way. For the uninitiated would-be shopper, however, it's best to brush up on these weird food rules that Aldi follows.

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Displayed in shipping boxes | 0:00
Speedy cashiers | 1:22
Rigorously taste-tested | 2:18
25 cents a cart | 3:26
No free plastic bags | 4:06
Strict alcohol policies | 4:59
Zero candies in checkout lanes | 6:04
No cartoon imagery on cereal | 7:20
Discounted bread | 8:32
Lenient return policy | 9:26

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