What Disney's Encanto Was Missing...

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Disney just released their next super movie! The next installment of their main MUSICAL series! And when I left the cinemas I felt somewhat... unsatisfied. Again. Is there something wrong with me? Did Disney do something wrong? Are Disney losing their charm? Or am I the one in the minority here? Today I'm gonna tell you my thoughts on each little detail of Encanto. From the parts I loved, the parts I couldn't understand, and the parts that really could have done better. This is one guy's thoughts and feelings about what Disney's Encanto was missing...

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…Despite all of that, I massively enjoyed the movie! I spot more details and animation quirks as I rewatch footage and really, it was just the ending that left me a little underwhelmed. Or maybe I just crave for the dark subtext to be less subtle. I dunno.
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