What Dragon Ball Super's Return Might Look Like! (MANGA to ANIME)

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Have you ever wondered what Dragon Ball Super might look like when it returns? Well we have and personally I'm sick of waiting around to get a good look at it. So once again myself and my friends have combined forces for this video.

Using all the most up to date examples of Shintani's style, whether that be
from promotional animated sequences released very recently or if it's through
character sheets and promo art for the Broly movie itself. We put everything
we had into this video and I hope you enjoy seeing the likes of Granola, Moro,
Ultra Ego Vegeta and so much more fully realised in their anime forms.

Today we bring Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama's manga to life. This is what Super 2 will look liked!



TREV - https://twitter.com/IamTheTrev

ANIME AJAY - https://twitter.com/AnimeAjay

EDITOR SAN - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsUmYRApYZ_CgOTecBBKJWQ

MIX - https://twitter.com/MixtheSkele



-Prologue II (DBZ)
-Blizzard (Cover by Shiro Neko)
-Bad Situation (DBGT)
-Select Screen (Megaman 11)
-Ultra Instinct (Cover by Pokemixr92)
-Dilemma (Chrono Cross)
-Sigma 2nd (MMX6)
-Rainy Turtloid (MMX6)
-Commander Yammark (MMX6)
-Saigo no Sosui (DBGT)
-Super Saiyan Caulifla (Cover by Pokemixr92)
-Summation Examination (TGAA)
-Museum (Rockman & Forte)
-M110X-2 (DBZ)
-Ultimate Battle (Cover by Sparking Mario)
-M1416 (DBZ)


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