What Makes a Happy Teenager (AND KID)?

When it comes to parenting teenagers, most parents make the mistake of going out of their way to make them happy...

...with things.

I remember before I ever had children thinking, "I had nothing. I want my children to have an easier life than I had."

Did you have the same thoughts?

Did you think, "My kids will know how loved and cherished they are."?

We all desire happy, loving, confident, grateful, kind and cooperative teenagers.

What if being the source of your teenager or child's happiness creates the opposite effect and significantly contributes to the chaos and poor behavior and lack of motivation you see?

What if buying your children everything literally steals their ambition and joy?

Would you keep doing it?

Would you like to know why today's children & teenagers are more unhappy, anxious and depressed than any other generation?

Want to know why suicide is the #1 cause of teenage death globally?

Do you think it's important to know why toddlers are being prescribed medication for their outbursts, mood swings and basic defiant behaviour?

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