What Started the Fire? | Safety Tips | Cartoons for Kids | Sheriff Labrador

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❤ Sheriff Labrador's Safety Talk ❤
Kids, playing with water near electrical outlets is very dangerous.
If water gets into the outlet, it can cause an electrical problem, and even start a fire.
Learn daily safety tips with Sheriff Labrador's police cartoon.

00:00 Fire in the Cake Shop https://youtu.be/a9tyE62vLow
05:47 Construction Engineer https://youtu.be/F2zvng0fjdQ
12:03 Capsule Vending Machine Scams https://youtu.be/iXGLIFpJT4A
18:40 Who Stole the Golden Scissors https://youtu.be/3pfa7W9Sw4E
24:14 Don't Take Food from Strangers https://youtu.be/xoex1U0doLk
30:00 Police Chasing the Big Bad Wolf
35:30 Don't Sting Me, Bees! https://youtu.be/0goOuupZNYE
41:06 No Littering, No Mosquitoes https://youtu.be/v4Yc7p_4Dso

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