WHATS THE BEST TV ANIMATION EVER ???Crypto talk & on "the rogen files" we discuss The 911 DISASTER

Welcome to HFD PODCAST!

For episode 08 We will be debating what the best tv animated series is from the family from evergreen TCE "The Simpsons" all the way to Goku and his friends on "DRAGONBALLZ". We will also once again chat about the ever volatile & amazing world of crypto currency. The HFD lads will also delve into the 911 disaster and the conspiracies that surround this sad day on "THE ROGEN FILES" Please join us as we Shoot The Breeze.

Will be going live 8:00pm (ACDT) Thursday the 2nd of December.

So, come along! Join in, sit back relax and enjoy.

And remember STAY HUNKY!

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