When that Morning Coffee Hits | Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten

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From the genius mind of the late Stan Lee comes the exciting new cartoon series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten.

Superhero Kindergarten is a lot like any other kindergarten…except these kids have a secret…They are superheroes! Rather than powers derived from a radioactive spider bite or gamma rays, their powers are expressed through common school items like white glue, putty, building blocks and even farts!

Thankfully, they have Arnold Armstrong (AKA Captain Fantastic, the greatest superhero to ever live) as their teacher (voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Superhero Kindergarten brings the very best superhero storytelling to a new generation with action, comedy and heart. Each episode teaches a valuable life-lesson. Core themes include health, exercise, nutrition and teamwork!

Join Super Ks: Power Pedro, Patty Putty, Blocker, Cray Cray, Jackson Jet and Sticky on their amazing, action-packed adventures!

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