Who Will Win? I Deep Dive Episode 8 | Mermaid High | Cartoons for Kids

Whoa. Searra and Catalina both decide to run for student council. And lemme tell ya, gillfriends, if you thought this was crazy already… wait’ll you see what happens when the election begins! Who will win!? We’ve gotta recap alllll the delicious drama of a wild Mermaid High episode 8.

Wanna know the of-fish-ial do’s and don’ts for your fintastic Mermaid High dolls? Get some sea-rious mermaid inspo with these fashion splashin’ ideas! Style mash-ups, fashion show runway ideas… show off your dolls like never before! Plus, I’m live texting the mermaids to answer your burning Mermaid High questions! That’s right, you ask, we tell, seashells. Everything you ever wanted to know about girls, no question is off limits. Like, are there mermaid friends we haven’t met yet? You’ll have to watch to find out the answer!

Mermaid High Deep Dive is the vlog that tells all! Reactions to animated episodes. Unboxing the dolls. Plus other fun stuff like making TikTok vids and doing make-up tutorials. Join my sea-cret club! New videos every Saturday!

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