Why Arcane is So Good | Animation and Visual Treatment

The masterpiece that is Arcane, now showing on Netflix, , which is based on League of Legends, has been out for a hot minute and here I talk about the animation and visual treatment, and why the show is a straight up work of art. I dissect and discuss some of the scenes and animation as well as the texturing, camera work and nuances that make it so unique and impactful. It's a gorgeous animated show and definitely something that deserves a watch, so if you've found yourself wondering "why is arcane so good?" - this may help you understand why.


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0:00 - Intro
02:02 - Visual style
03:15 - Environments and world building
03:42 - Character designs
05:18 - Texturing
06:07 - Backgrounds
06:44 - 2d Effects
07:52 - Character's perspectives
09:36 - Camera work
10:22 - Fight scenes and animation
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